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Latest News

New gel coatings may lead to better catheters and condoms

News 7 days ago

Catheters, intravenous lines, and other types of surgical tubing are a medical necessity for managing a wide range of diseases. But a patient’s experience with such devices is rarely a comfortable one. Now MIT engineers led by Xuanhe Zhao, the […]

Simple test predicts return of bladder cancer

News 2 weeks ago

Scientists have devised a simple test for an earlier and more accurate warning of returning bladder cancer than existing methods, according to research* published in the British Journal of Cancer last friday. ┬áResearchers from the University Hospital of Lyon tested […]

New three-in-one blood test for prostate cancer

News 1 month ago

Scientists have developed a three-in-one blood test that could transform treatment of advanced prostate cancer through use of precision drugs designed to target mutations in the BRCA genes. By testing cancer DNA in the bloodstream, researchers found they could pick […]

ASCO 2017: Abiraterone slows down advanced prostate cancer

News 2 months ago

A clinical trial of nearly 2,000 men shows that adding abiraterone acetate (Zytiga┬«) to a standard initial treatment regimen for high-risk, advanced prostate cancer lowers the relative risk of death by 37%. The 3-year survival rate was 76% with standard […]

Early MRI may lower costs for prostate cancer treatment

News 2 months ago

A diagnostic MRI followed by one of three MRI-guided biopsy strategies is a cost-effective method to detect prostate cancer, according to a new study. Researchers compared MR-guided approaches to the current standard of transrectal ultrasound guided biopsies and found that […]